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API Walkthrough

API Documentation v1.0


The OrgSync API v1.0 is available to all customers with a Web Services API subscription. The OrgSync API can accept GET/POST requests and returns data in XML format. We are also actively working on the next version of our Web Services API and are open to any suggestions you may have. We do know we will provide JSON in the next version.


The first step is to obtain your API Key from your OrgSync Campus Administrator. The API Key is a 40-character string that can be found at the bottom of the Community Settings page.

API Endpoints

The API request endpoint must always begin with the following:

Input Parameters

The generic format for all GET/POST requests is:[TABLE]/[METHOD]/[OBJECT_ID]?key=[KEY]

Parameters include:

  • [RESOURCE] - database table required to complete request. See below for a list of available resources that you can requests data from.
  • [METHOD] - action for the request to preform. See below for a list of common methods.
  • [OBJECT_ID] - object ID for requests about specific objects.
  • [KEY] - API key is required to complete all requests.

Example GET request to list All Organizations:

$ curl

Example Get request to list a single Organization's Profile:

$ curl https//

Available Resources

  • Accounts - calls for user specific data.
  • Courses - calls for course specific data.
  • Events - calls for event and activity specific data.
  • Forms - calls for forms, surveys, assessment reports, etc.
  • Identification Cards - calls for identification cards, most frequently used to track attendance by swiping student ID cards.
  • Organizations - calls to access organization specific data. Organizations can be student clubs, programs, departments, etc.
  • Treasury - calls for organization treasury journals and transactions.

Common Methods

  • create - create a new object
  • destroy - destroy an existing object
  • list - list of objects or list of a single object's data
  • update - update an existing object
  • search_by_[data] - filter objects by search criteria

HTTPS / Secure Connections

HTTPS is required with valid, signed certificates for all API methods. Some API Wrappers have switches to enable HTTPS - others may require a hack or otherwise contacting the author.

Questions? Problems?

If you have any questions or problems using our API, please contact OrgSync Support and someone should be able to assist you.