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Complete a payment request

Complete a payment request, optionally with a text-based note and an account code.



Field Label Type Description Required?
key string a valid API Key for your community required
umbrella_id integer the umbrella to for these treasury requests required
request_id integer the ID of the request required
account_id integer the account ID required
note string an optional text-based note optional
code string an optional account code optional


Field Label Type Description
approved_total float the total approved amount
account hash some account information
budget_period hash the budget period for this entry (id, name)
form_submission hash the optional form submission for this entry
id integer the id of this entry
major_line_items array of hashes the major line items for this entry
name string the name of this entry
portal hash the portal for this entry (including id, name, and more)
requested_total float the total requested amount
status string the status of the request
submitted_at datetime the time this entry was submitted
decided_at datetime the time this entry was decided
type string the type of the request
completed_at datetime the time this entry was completed
completed_by hash account who completed the request

Sample Request

Sample Return