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List Org Timesheets

List all timesheets for a given org.



Field Label Type Description Required?
key string a valid API key required
org_id string the ID of the org to pull timesheets for required
page integer the page to retrieve (only with per_page, defaults to all) suggested
per_page integer the number of entries per page (only with page, defaults to all) suggested
from_date string in YYYY-MM-DD format can be used to limit timesheets from a date specified suggested
to_date string in YYYY-MM-DD format can be used to limit timesheets to a date specified suggested


Field Label Type Description
id integer timesheet ID
description string description of the opportunity
start_date string start date of the opportunity
end_date string end date of the opportunity
hours integer value of the opportunity in hours
status string either 'Incomplete', 'Pending', or 'Approved'
attendance_status string attending status of a user if entry was tied to an event. (e.g. Attended, Absent, Partial)
requirements_met boolean whether the user has submitted learning outcomes, a reflection, and/or the post event form. (note that not all may be required)
service boolean whether the timesheet entry is from a service oppurtunity or a user submitted service entry
alternate_org_name string or null custom org name if this timesheet is not associated with an OrgSync organization
account hash contains three keys describing the associated account: 'id', an integer; 'last_name', a string; 'first_name', a string.
event hash or null contains two keys describing the associated event, if any: 'id', an integer; 'name', a string.

Sample Request

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